Uncertain T
built by: Chuck Darnell
LSMs forum id: BigRod


Steve Scott's Uncertain-T has always been on the top of my build list..

Having built numerous issues in "small" scale I decided to step it up and try my hand at reproducing in in 8th scale. One huge advantage I had was knowing Steve Scott the original builder.. Many conversations took place regarding suspension, steering, engine and transmission components among other details. I started gathering parts, reference photos, and checking with online vendors to see what was available to help aid the building process.. Many modeling friends offered up help via parts, moral support, and opinions.. plainly put there's really nothing bought in kit form that didn't have to be modified such as frame, grill shell, front suspension, rear suspension,etc

The biggest secret was having TDR Innovations 3D print the exact engine and transmission for my project (which is now available to the general public at TDR's website). The Golden "T" was used as a donor kit for things such as the cowl which was grafted, drastically modified suspension parts along with frame length and width modification.

The body was made of .125 sheet plastic then heated and shaped to make the rear and side portions of the body... All interior panels were made of .095 sheet plastic, the rear slicks are configured of 5 parts including valve stems. The interior consists of over 150 straight pin heads to simulate buttons. The interior panels were hand scribed to simulate the diamond pattern then inlaid into the seat and roof panels. The dash was formed from clay , checked for fit, then poured in resin for the final part. The top is covered in real leather bonded with 3M adhesive. Because of the weight of the model I decided to drill out the front spindles and replace the tiny plastic spindles with aluminum tubing.

.The front tires were also donated for my project and were sectioned to fit the custom metal spoked wheels with 3pc custom spindles... I drilled the spindles at angle so once assembled the weight pressed the wheels about 2-3 degrees negative... I knew over time it would sag and this seemed to prevent it.. The headers on the real car (according to Steve) were a real nightmare to build and were a real challenge in 8th scale. The flanges were made from a reduced photo of a 1:1 Nailhead header flange.

Each header tube consists of 5 pieces and meticulously constructed to get the length and cylinder position correct like the 1:1 show rod. The tail lights are from an 8th scale 32 Ford kit.. Below is a build sheet I used to keep track of some of the components... This was a very challenging build and it's one of my all time favorites in my collection.. Thanks to everyone who chimed in to help make my build possible... !!

(Special Thanks to Steve Scott for Reference Photos)

  • Buick Engine & ’55 Pontiac transmission  (TDR Innovations)
  • Donor kit “Golden T” and my parts box
  • Metal spark plugs, engine fasteners, valve stems  
  • Modified vintage airplane spoke wheels w/3pc. Custom hubs
  • Sectioned motorcycle front tires
  • Real Vinyl top / Resin cast rear tires/wheels
  • Hand formed scratch built 1 pc. Body from .125 sheet plastic
  • Replicated Rack & Pinion steering (TDR Innovations)
  • Hand formed non-symmetrical resin cast dashboard
  • Scribed interior panels / 150 straight pins for buttons
  • Alclad for chrome / custom mix Burnt Orange BCC paint
  • Scratch built rear “key” & torsion bar front end
  • Scratch built headers, header flanges, plug wire separators
  • Removable dip stick – operable throttle linkage
  • All “chrome” is airbrush applied Alclad

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