built by: Paul Canney
LSMs forum id: Funnybug

It only took 49 years to obtain, 100 days to build, and double that in dollars, but I finally have it.

It was a life long modeling dream of mine to actually assemble and own a Big Drag . Of the four "Big" T buckets sold by Monogram in the early 60's, the Big Drag was the holy grail. Few model builders had one, and in fact, none of my model buddies in the 60's ever had.

Frustrated with the mega bucks needed to buy one on ebay, I assembled this from a hodge podge of used parts starting with the 2005 Revell/Monogram as luckily, it came with the Big Drag floor and turtle deck for some unknown reason. AHAH! Easy sailing from here, right? Well, not really, actually. I needed a few other key pieces.

Luckily, the model community is helpful to say the least. I was able to purchase most of the blower, Moon fuel tank, push bar and roll bar from a guy in Canada, and the rest of the blower and other sundry items from another guy in Colorado.

The used frame has been boxed and custom front engine mounts built from scratch. I added extra frame reinforcements as the original T frame is rather delicate.

The blower pieces I received were no longer chrome when I received them, but, my buddy Chuck Darnell volunteered to shoot it with Alclad. (He's a master of this stuff), and as you can see, it's tough to tell it isn't vintage Monogram plating.

Finishing off the engine is a chrome scoop from the Lindberg Eliminator and yellow plug wire from Big Jim. The paint is Corvette Mulsanne Blue from Leon Tefft's retired company "Cobra Colors"

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